The Greatest Female Jazz Singer

The Greatest Female Jazz Singer

In the past the topic of women playing jazz was viewed differently, it elicited many laughs from people who believed that women lacked competence on playing jazz. However, today it has already been proven that women have excellent capability of playing jazz just as well as men.

In music history, there were great female jazz singers who passed away but their incomparable jazz vocals continue to live and will live on forever. One of these people was Ella Fitzgerald. She was a well-known Female Jazz Singer who had an amazing sound unlike anyone else. She produced some melodies and tunes, which captivated a lot of people whoever listened to her music, would always want to hear more. She is also widely known as The First Lady of Song.

Ella Fitzgerald

She was a quintessential vocalist who was graced with many different singing styles. She emerged to be the Greatest Female Jazz Singer in a talent contest, which was held at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. Before this, when she was growing up she had a lot of challenges, but her positive thinking kept her going.

Early career

In the beginning of her career, Ella began by performing and entertaining people on the streets of Harlem. She did her first amateur singing at the age of 17 and this was imperative to her. Being an orphan, she had struggled so much, and now she had started to progress. She was performing that day with two singers who were famous. Ella was only supposed to dance, but when she got on stage she decided to sing. From that point she started receiving invitations to perform at different places.

During her lifetime Ella Fitzgerald received 13 Grammys and sold over 40 million albums. She had an amazing vocal timbre a technique, which to this day still remains unequalled. Ella was, for over half a century, the most popular female jazz singer in the USA. She was also knows as “The First Lady of Song.”


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