Delhi International Jazz Festival

About Delhi International Jazz Festival

Jazz is an intriguing decision for a celebration supported by an administration body, since the class is neither massy like hip bounce nor customarily traditional. Yet, jazz is ideal for the soul of social trade, says Riva Ganguly Das, the chief general of ICCR. “It is a simpler classification for Indians to identify with and the remote groups additionally get the opportunity to meet India’s brilliant craftsmen,” says Das.

The celebration has turned into a feature for Indian jazz craftsmen also. Radha Thomas of Unk: The Radha Thomas Ensemble, one of the Indian groups playing at the current year’s celebration, says, “For the legislature to appreciate jazz, I can’t request more. It’s a testing type of music.” This year, the three-day celebration unites an amazing cluster of jazz performers from India with remote groups from South Korea, France, Israel, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan and South Africa.

Delhi International Jazz Festival

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